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April 9, 2010

Season 2 Episode 6 Interview

First of all thank God she said no. I was starting to really enjoy the episode and then Tim and Dawn. It was like the last episode of friends all over again, all you needed was Dawn to get on the airplane. I mean how cliché do you get? For a TV show that prides its self on outside the box she could not say yes. The show started on the anti classic story ending, instead of off to the happily ever after, you get fired. Then out of nowhere, BAM! Take out your trusty sitcom manual and there it is Rule # 356 Article c-3 “When ending a show, the great couple that just never worked out come together and ride off in to the sunset Roll credits” Sub-clause A-1 “it is better if the male overcomes great physical harm.” So when Tim turns his mike back on and says “She said no by the way” I went Oh thank God!

David’s melt down from almost giddy to be on the way out, to sniveling “Pu…pu..puleeez let me stu.. stu…stay”. All of this reminded me of the scrubs episode with the stages of grief. Where the annoying shrink keeps on popping his head in to the frame, “Denial! Bargaining!” David starts out with the denial. First thinking that everyone will miss him and the whole office will implode, than that this is the best thing ever to happen to him. We see him quickly move to anger, going karate kid on his desk. Then it was on to Bargaining, where all of the sudden he isn’t on top of the world anymore and he begs to be able to keep his job. The Depression is quite obvious. Lastly his little soliloquy at the end where he gives his little acceptance speech was a brilliant way to end the series. I know there are Christmas specials, but they don’t count. They are like the Sex in the City movies every fan saw them, but they don’t carry the same weight. So this ending was very apropos, start with David comparing himself to Jesus and end with him rambling in David speak, roll credits. No conventional everyone all together photo shoot ending, just Stop. Roll credits, like No Country for Old Men.

A brilliant way to end the series 5


April 8, 2010

Season 2 Episode 5 Charity

My feelings about this show had very convoluted evolution. More specifically, I went from thinking David Brent was basically a caricature of “The Boss Man” on “reality” TV, too Oh! Well I guess he’s somewhat of a pitiful man-boy who can’t quite fit in; too Awww that’s sad he lost his job, too WOW David Brent is real and his name is Ricky Gervias and man is he an asshole! Maybe he’s also a man-boy who never quite fit in and now he’s got himself his very own TV show.

Let me explain, today was the first day I went back to work after taking off for the holidays. So naturally I had a crapload of work sitting on my desk and naturally instead of actually doing my work I started to browse the internet. Like I do every day I check out The AV Club and I found that Zack Handlen had just done a piece on The Office UK. So convincing myself that I’m not being lazy and actually doing work I read the article. After reading what Zack had to say I was convinced, for a short period of time, that my previous understanding of David, as the boss in the Dilbert comic strip on ego-steroids, was a little flawed and in fact David was actually what happens to that shy kid in your class that wasn’t a nerd or a jock just kind of so so at everything and no one remembers his name at the five year school reunion (Oh Joe right we were in home room right, Trig? and you sat next to me? Really? Oh, oh yah). So I kind of started to feel for the guy, instead of why is he making an ass of himself I started to feel like maybe we should give him a break, he tries so hard come on laugh at his joke just once it’s like charity (and you’ll feed children in Africa).

After this brainwashing I actually sat down to watch the episode and I liked it again! I still take umbrage at the whole pointless Tim and Dawn bit, the episode is about firing David stop confusing me with Tim playing with Dawn’s heart and his feelings for Rachel or is it his understanding of what he’s doing to Dawn that he’s showing with his charity kisses? I don’t know, but quite frankly I couldn’t care less. Tim Hiding all of Gareth’s things while he hops around is enough, leave the character development and story arc and all that mumbo jumbo that critics like to talk about to the real point of the episode, we all know it’s coming, so stick to what works. Even with this side show going on I still loved the episode. My new understanding of David and the perfect platform to watch his antics, culminating in David being fired in a weird chicken suit, it was the perfect tragedy. When he walks in to the office to explain that he’s been fired and the Chicken suit makes him look like the little man-boy he is playing dress up I was sure that somewhere William Shakespeare was smiling.

Unfortunately, for my relationship with David Brent, my search for the true David Brent didn’t end there. I was curious to know what was going on at the filming of the show so I decided to watch some of the extras to see if they could help me out. They couldn’t. I did get to see Ricky or at least what Ricky wanted me to see of the real man behind the mask and I think my original feelings and Zack Handlen’s are both correct. I no longer think of David as a contrived character embodying the boss from hell, but I don’t think Zack’s awkward boy all grown up in to awkward boy-man is right either. I think David Brent is Ricky Gervias, that’s not to say Ricky is a cubicle dwelling nimrod, but he does come off as a prick of the highest order. He’s also a man-boy who might have just been that awkward kid who grew up to believe he was only awkward because no one could understand his genius and now he’s gona show us. I guess he did. He got to make out with Jennifer Garner didn’t he.

I give the episode a solid 4 (and Ricky Gervias a 3.5)


March 23, 2010

Season 2 Episode 4 Motivation

When watching this episode I decided to throw the past away and just pretend this was the first time I ever saw The Office. All my preconceived notions of what The Office should be, why I felt It was leaving the “purity of its birth” and all that BS that I was judging it on out the proverbial window. I just sat down and said it’s been a really long day, let me sit down and let these people make me laugh. Well I definitely laughed.

Think of this scene you’re at work, on your way to the bathroom and you see two coworkers kissing all nice and 80’s prom like. Now the girl who’s being kissed is someone that you’re attracted to, but never acted on that.  A normal person thinks two things; one this is awkward get a friigin room, two shit I guess she’s not that into me. Not Gareth, he walks right up to them and first talks to Tim like Rachel is not there, “how can you go after a bird that I fancy?!?” really he calls her a BIRD! It doesn’t end there though he turns to Rachel and asks if she thinks he could still rate a hand job! That is funny it’s like an Awkward Five from Scrubs’ The Todd Awesome.

Then David’s motivational speaking gig (I am even willing to forget the fade outs, what fadeouts in a documentary?!?) that was amazing. More amazing because, gun to their head most people who never gave a motivational speaking course would probably go the same rout, your problems are not so bad and pipe in some inspirational Tina Turner.  However, David out of his element going in to hyper overcompensating mode earring, tee shirt, and backwards cap trying to motivate business men out to make their first million by telling them to own their problems and remember Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, needless to say funny stuff. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall if my boss was ever in that situation.

Past forgotten this episode gets 4.5


March 23, 2010

DISCLAIMER: The Office has lost my love and is now graded like a regular run of the mill TV show.

Season 2 Episode 3 Party

Its Sunday afternoon again so that means me and my daughter are watching The Office whilst my wife is asleep. What I mean by watching The Office is, turning it on, pausing to go look for a pacifier (it seems like I’ve bought hundreds but I can never find them when I want them), turning it on again, pausing to change a dipper, turning it on again, pausing to try to understand why my daughter is crying, turning it on again, etcetera etcetera.  perhaps it is because of the disjointed way that I watched this episode that I came out with this impression, The Office seems to have morphed in too two different shows one about Tim love life and one about the battling egos of David and Neil.

The two story arcs are not bad in and of themselves, but they don’t help each other out either. It isn’t like the A story and B story in The Hardy Boys, where Chet’s new boss is also the maniacal killer that Mr. Hardy is tracking and the same person after poor Mrs. Hathaway’s prize petunias.  They are more like a bad Family Guy episode where Stewie becomes president of OPEC and Peter becomes a hooker, the stories run at the same time (or was that just a flashback?!?), but they definitely don’t help each other out.

The whole episode really started getting trippy for me towards the end, where they kept switching to the other story with no discernable break. First David is hitting on drunk birthday girl, quite horribly in his “I’m sooooooo superior don’t you see how come your not already in bed with me” kind of way. Then boom Tim caressing his new quazi rebound girl. Don’t blink though, because we’re right back to David making an ass of himself in a public display of his “sexual prowess”. Wait is that a shot of Dawn looking crushed? Is that because of Tim? I guess, but how would we know?

It is funny and made me laugh more than once (thank you Gareth), but still this episode can’t get more then 3.5


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March 23, 2010

Season 2 Episode 2 Appraisals

The fact that I have not slept for more than three hours consecutively in the past two weeks might be impacting the generally negative opinion that I’ve started having about the office, but I really don’t
think that’s it. I was as awake as I’ve been getting on Sunday afternoons nowadays, I had a whole supper grandee (or however you say humongous in Starbucksies) black tea in me and I had just finished a pretty interesting class on memory formation, when I sat down to watch this episode. I’ll admit that since episode six of season one my Office experience is not what it originally was. Don’t get me wrong the shows are still enormously funny, but so are a million different TV shows, hell I can even get a laugh watching seventh heaven (when I’m feeling extremely depressed), but The Office was more than that. The Office was funny without being a TV show, it was a day in the office exposed and I loved it. Sadly this is no longer the case.

There still are the spoofs mind-numbingly stupid practices of the corporate world but it feels like that was all relegated to background noise. The appraisals are the quintessential example of office stupidity and in classic Office humor David polarizes how these reports are only a means to inflate a supervisor’s already overly inflated ego. I particularly enjoyed Gareth’s mishandling of the party line that all offices put up “these reports are not to see who is doing badly, just to let us know how the company can better serve our employees.”  So Gareth’s “to separate the chaff from the wheat” line was actually very entertaining in The Office way.

However, the show seems to have moved away from Mockumentary of a day at the office warts and all, too classic TV sitcom in the framework of an office Mockumentary. For me it was kind of like Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, at first I thought it was quite possibly the best show ever to air, but then as the show’s ratings slipped all these addled love stories and nonsensical sitcom situations (like sending a fox after a ferret after a snake down a hole under the stage?!?) got added to the show until it became a Frankenstein monster instead of the best show I’d ever seen. What was unique about The Office was there was no melodramatic story line all it was is a day at the office no starting point or end point there was no need for the script writers to get to someplace it was when the day is over turn the lights off and go home. Now there are love interests and love triangles that just feel so scripted you lose the brilliant little lines like Sidney Poitier, in the story the show is now trying to tell.

#$%@ 3.5


March 23, 2010

Season 2 Episode 1 Merger

Ok wife’s feeding the baby so I’m tryin to get this in quick, maybe the baby’ll sleep after so mommy and daddy can actually get something done.

First of all I LOVE the new Tim (same as the old Tim). I thoroughly enjoyed watching him give Dawn the cold shoulder and bossing her around. The only thing that topped it was when Lee catches them dancing. I don’t know what it is, to paraphrase Stephan King maybe it is “we never expect to see our loved ones return every time we see them leave”, but whatever it is there is something spectacularly dreadful about the Tim / Dawn, Ross / Rachel, JD / Eliot relationship that we love to watch over and over and over and over again. It’s like a slow motion car wreck done in pinks and purples, a beautiful disaster.

Aside from that delectable piece of TV drama, this episode explodes on a subject that I’ve wanted to write about from the first episode, but the bits and pieces were just too small for me to write about. Now however, it has taken over the show, David’s amazing racism. It was always there the “you guys like that”s, but when he started the black man’s cock joke  I couldn’t stop laughing when the black guy walks over and goes “Oh the one about the black guys cock?”  It’s so funny because he genuinely believes there is no problem with the joke now because the token black guy says he doesn’t mind it. Don’t get me wrong I’m with David on this if I was the butt of a joke that insinuated that I have a massive cock well than more power to me, but dude!  David’s racism cracked me up every episode, but it was nice to see him get confronted about his racism and his patent David Brent line to close the issue in his melting pot was priceless.

I definitely give the episode a 5