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March 23, 2010

DISCLAIMER: The Office has lost my love and is now graded like a regular run of the mill TV show.

Season 2 Episode 3 Party

Its Sunday afternoon again so that means me and my daughter are watching The Office whilst my wife is asleep. What I mean by watching The Office is, turning it on, pausing to go look for a pacifier (it seems like I’ve bought hundreds but I can never find them when I want them), turning it on again, pausing to change a dipper, turning it on again, pausing to try to understand why my daughter is crying, turning it on again, etcetera etcetera.  perhaps it is because of the disjointed way that I watched this episode that I came out with this impression, The Office seems to have morphed in too two different shows one about Tim love life and one about the battling egos of David and Neil.

The two story arcs are not bad in and of themselves, but they don’t help each other out either. It isn’t like the A story and B story in The Hardy Boys, where Chet’s new boss is also the maniacal killer that Mr. Hardy is tracking and the same person after poor Mrs. Hathaway’s prize petunias.  They are more like a bad Family Guy episode where Stewie becomes president of OPEC and Peter becomes a hooker, the stories run at the same time (or was that just a flashback?!?), but they definitely don’t help each other out.

The whole episode really started getting trippy for me towards the end, where they kept switching to the other story with no discernable break. First David is hitting on drunk birthday girl, quite horribly in his “I’m sooooooo superior don’t you see how come your not already in bed with me” kind of way. Then boom Tim caressing his new quazi rebound girl. Don’t blink though, because we’re right back to David making an ass of himself in a public display of his “sexual prowess”. Wait is that a shot of Dawn looking crushed? Is that because of Tim? I guess, but how would we know?

It is funny and made me laugh more than once (thank you Gareth), but still this episode can’t get more then 3.5


February 25, 2010

Season 1, Episode 3: The Quiz

This episode made me sad. It was almost like watching “Lars and the Real Girl” again. Birthday episodes in general are downers, but in classic Office fashion we go past normal TV to uncomfortably close to home. The opening scene sets the tone of the episode, Tim alone in the office talking about the gift his mum got him. The aging loner alone on his birthday in the cold unforgiving world, it’s not as sad as “Rambo” Tim can still speak English, but still sad.

Dawn gives the episode a real edge, she is his only friend in the office and the only friend we know of period. That is all she is though, as much as Tim would like to change that, she is the forbidden fruit. Her card “What do your money and your penis have in common? I can find a lot of women to blow your money” was a knife wound. But having her boyfriend bring him his present, a giant inflatable penis, was twisting it home.

The Quiz was the ultimate reality check. The office goes out for drinks for Tim’s birthday, but that doesn’t last long. After a quick happy birthday he is all but forgotten, Dawn’s cheer for a speech is squelched and the focus is back to the quiz. Tim’s birthday is completely marginalized by everyone even Tim, now all that matters is beating Finchie. Finally it is down to Tim’s team against David and Finchi’s for a winner takes all sudden death round, and who takes the stage for Tim’s team not the birthday boy but his teammate. Then the glory they win so pop the champagne rite? Wrong, their win is disputed, and how to decide? Not with the birthday man-boy, with his shoes.

This sad reality gets a 5