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April 21, 2010

Christmas Special Part 2

The first thing that came to my mind after watching this “Special” (they must mean special like the mentally disabled), was “Please god if this is how specials go, please please never ever let them make an Arrested Development special”. In the end these specials where two hours of nothing just so that David gets to tell Finchie to fuck off and for Tim to get the girl. This whole Christmas Special felt like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant didn’t like the way the story ended so they decided to put in an alternate ending. It’s too bad that they didn’t even try to hide that behind an interesting episode.

One of the reasons The Office worked was that David’s ego got in the way of his job. So even though certain things might make business sense, he went with whatever helped him feel special. So you saw a guy who was promoted just passed his ability to be productive whose ego finally got him fired. You did not see a bumbling idiot who couldn’t do anything and resorted to throwing out party favors in dingy clubs. The entire episode was just sad, I guess Ricky and Stephen feel that they vindicate David as he actually has a conversation with a woman that doesn’t look like a tub without talking about her breasts or butt and not only that after two seasons of abuse from Finchie he finally tells him to fuck off. Whoop dee do, not only does it not fit with the entire two seasons, in this episode it totally wrong. The entire episode I was thinking how would this guy have ever got a job sorting mail, never mind run an office? Then all of the sudden it’s like WAIT we only have two more minutes left to tell the story of David Brent! Quick get a pretty girl to say she would date him and let him finally grow a pair.

The other part of the story was at least consistently horrible. It felt like I was watching Garden State again (yes again unfortunately the movie came out when I still loved Scrubs), the one thing that I loved about The Office was its authenticity. When they finished season 2 they let Dawn say no, they fired David, Gareth gets to become Big boss Man. I was happy. Now either to sell some more DVDs or to give themselves a happy ending in their own minds, they took that away from me. They switched from a show that was funny and gritty so it could get away with being a little harsh into Friends – the coffee shop. Even Gareth was just odd what in god’s name is he doing here?

Unfortunately the scale is one to five so I can’t give this the negative twenty it deserves so I’ll rate this a“Special” a 1


April 16, 2010

Christmas Special Part 1

Ok I understand in the real world (the one where it hasn’t been a week since the end of season two) it has been over a year since the last episode aired and that means you need to reintroduce the characters. This might get new fans to buy the DVD, old fans might be a little fuzzy (whose that fat guy selling office supplies? Oh Yah David Brent! Well that’s alright then). So we need a recap, but a forty five minute one of how everyone gets to the party? Why? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment. What this episode needed was one of those: “Hi I’m Chuck, here are some things you might need to know about me”. I can’t deal with those when I see them, but I can understand why you would need it if this is the first time a show airs in over a year.

Now try to imagine how I felt watching the show. Because of an amazing ending I had finally reconciled my personal issues with the show and thought of it quite fondly. Then came Christmas Special part 1. I was ready for an episode that would be OK. I didn’t think it would qualify for greatness, but I was willing to give them a pass. The show was a major hit and won a lot of awards so I felt they deserved to cash in on that and milk the cow one more time. I thought there would be something like a Christmas rugby game between Wernham Hogg, and David’s new office, or some other lame excuse to get the band together again for a few laughs, wind up Gareth, have David say a racist joke and sing silent night. It would have been a nice little stand alone episode and that’s it thank you all for coming out. Unfortunately, that’s not what I got. Instead I was treated to a depressing show of nothing.

David’s inability to find work just adds to the question of how did he ever end up with that job in the first place and maybe for me it was just a little too similar to my life and the year long search for employment that I went through last year. It was just pitiful to watch Gareth pitying him while Neil picks petty fights with him even though he I beyond down and out.  The most disturbing part of the episode for me however, was this: Who thought this up? Austin Powers? Even completely pathetic people don’t think he’s funny.

Maybe worse than having to watch David’s complete waste of a life was the return of Tim & Dawn. SHE SAID NO! That was the end I don’t want to hear them pining for each other like Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox in the sad excuse for a long distance “relationship” in Transformers Two. Funny would be one of them is married maybe even a kid and they awkwardly introduce each other. It is not funny to continue to beat a dead horse. The only real joke of the whole episode was what happens if we really try really hard to pretend all of this was a real documentary, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, but that was the joke of the last two seasons you need a little more than just that.

I’m seriously hoping Part Two will vindicate this bad rehashing 1.5