April 9, 2010

Season 2 Episode 6 Interview

First of all thank God she said no. I was starting to really enjoy the episode and then Tim and Dawn. It was like the last episode of friends all over again, all you needed was Dawn to get on the airplane. I mean how cliché do you get? For a TV show that prides its self on outside the box she could not say yes. The show started on the anti classic story ending, instead of off to the happily ever after, you get fired. Then out of nowhere, BAM! Take out your trusty sitcom manual and there it is Rule # 356 Article c-3 “When ending a show, the great couple that just never worked out come together and ride off in to the sunset Roll credits” Sub-clause A-1 “it is better if the male overcomes great physical harm.” So when Tim turns his mike back on and says “She said no by the way” I went Oh thank God!

David’s melt down from almost giddy to be on the way out, to sniveling “Pu…pu..puleeez let me stu.. stu…stay”. All of this reminded me of the scrubs episode with the stages of grief. Where the annoying shrink keeps on popping his head in to the frame, “Denial! Bargaining!” David starts out with the denial. First thinking that everyone will miss him and the whole office will implode, than that this is the best thing ever to happen to him. We see him quickly move to anger, going karate kid on his desk. Then it was on to Bargaining, where all of the sudden he isn’t on top of the world anymore and he begs to be able to keep his job. The Depression is quite obvious. Lastly his little soliloquy at the end where he gives his little acceptance speech was a brilliant way to end the series. I know there are Christmas specials, but they don’t count. They are like the Sex in the City movies every fan saw them, but they don’t carry the same weight. So this ending was very apropos, start with David comparing himself to Jesus and end with him rambling in David speak, roll credits. No conventional everyone all together photo shoot ending, just Stop. Roll credits, like No Country for Old Men.

A brilliant way to end the series 5



  1. excellent job, Brian! you did real well on these blogs!

  2. I agree– a really great post here.

    In fact, I wish you had done more! But that’s what I always want.

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