March 23, 2010

Season 2 Episode 1 Merger

Ok wife’s feeding the baby so I’m tryin to get this in quick, maybe the baby’ll sleep after so mommy and daddy can actually get something done.

First of all I LOVE the new Tim (same as the old Tim). I thoroughly enjoyed watching him give Dawn the cold shoulder and bossing her around. The only thing that topped it was when Lee catches them dancing. I don’t know what it is, to paraphrase Stephan King maybe it is “we never expect to see our loved ones return every time we see them leave”, but whatever it is there is something spectacularly dreadful about the Tim / Dawn, Ross / Rachel, JD / Eliot relationship that we love to watch over and over and over and over again. It’s like a slow motion car wreck done in pinks and purples, a beautiful disaster.

Aside from that delectable piece of TV drama, this episode explodes on a subject that I’ve wanted to write about from the first episode, but the bits and pieces were just too small for me to write about. Now however, it has taken over the show, David’s amazing racism. It was always there the “you guys like that”s, but when he started the black man’s cock joke  I couldn’t stop laughing when the black guy walks over and goes “Oh the one about the black guys cock?”  It’s so funny because he genuinely believes there is no problem with the joke now because the token black guy says he doesn’t mind it. Don’t get me wrong I’m with David on this if I was the butt of a joke that insinuated that I have a massive cock well than more power to me, but dude!  David’s racism cracked me up every episode, but it was nice to see him get confronted about his racism and his patent David Brent line to close the issue in his melting pot was priceless.

I definitely give the episode a 5



  1. Ok Brian, thats strange, i thought I had left you a comment already. Like i said earlier in the email, you’re doing a great job and just keep it up!

  2. I really think the difference between what is an A and a B/B+ is in your blogs. You really got the crux of the show, it’s an enjoyable read throughout… but I feel like you could have done more… I know the word count requirement but would have liked to read more from you.

    I enjoyed the pop culture references, the photos, everything but it’s lacking the UMPH! to give it an A… also b/c you were late on one of them… so there ya go…

    But it’s good work I just wish it was EXCELLENT work.

    Pleasure having you in the class… always good to have contrary views in a class setting… in fact– completely necessary.

    Also, maybe I’m missing it– but where are the Shouting Fire posts? Only saw 1 or 2…

    I’ll have your grade ready shortly.

    All the best,

    Prof. Dunphy
    Prof. Dunphy

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