February 26, 2010

Season 1, Episode 5: New Girl

This was the episode I was talking about last time. You can have an episode devoted to the love interests, but it can be in the office. In fact I was going to say in my last post that the proper setting for that episode would be a pub or a club. The only reason I didn’t was the documentary setting. The show has already sold out to the documentary idea. Gareth even acknowledges that they are filming him. So how does that work in a club? The quiz episode wasn’t so bad; a documentary about an office would follow them to an office function even if it is held at a pub. The same does not hold true for four guys in a drunken club crawl.

That being said I did like the appropriate tension between Dawn and Tim. not sure how to sit in the room with each other and their promise of drinks in the future that they both know won’t happen. Gareth coming in and asking Tim if he was tryin to get it on with her. As usual high marks on capturing the hilarity of uncomfterble office situations.

The only part of the episode story that I didn’t enjoy was the secretary. I liked the irony of David’s indignation regarding his nieces work related romance, while at the same time slobbering over a new secretary. I just felt the slobbering went a little too far (even for David). For me the the preparation smearing magazine cologne on his face and positioning the chairs was great, but it stopped being funny when she walks in and he is spread on the desk like a Playgirl centerfold. It was just too awkward for me. The rest of his banter with her was great until he kicked a soccer ball in her face; then again it was just weird.

I Give This a 3


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