Will The Office Live Up To My Office?

February 16, 2010

As cubicle monkey, I really hope to enjoy a well done parody of my workday. I loved office space 8 times I watched it, I rock a red Swingline and my cube walls have their pieces of flair. The only thing that bothered me was there where no normal people in the movie, like the quite people in the office that hide in their cubicles do all their work and leave no trace of their personality behind when they leave. I guess those people only show up in movies like Shawn of the Dead.

So The Office UK might be great, but already I have my doubts. I have never seen the original UK version, but I can’t stand the US one. I know, I know how can you hate The Office? It’s not The Office per say, it’s Steve Carell, I abhor him. That vacant slack jawed yokel look makes my brain want to jump out of my skull and strangle me. That whole socially inept jack ass just isn’t funny to me (sorry Larry David that goes for you too).

There is however one major redeeming factor to the UK Office and that is its British. Why does that change anything? Look at what The British have given us The Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones and that’s just music. My favorite TV show, Extras straight from the Isle of the union Jack. Hot Fuzz, Run Fat Boy Run, Shawn of the Dead, British, amazing. Take those same people and take them out of the UK and you get How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, you get the picture there is just something about the empire that gave birth to America, that just creates greatness. So all in all I’m quite pumped to start watching the show that fathered the US hit The Office.


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